Some thought about “Keyboard Feel” in mixing

Some thought about “Keyboard Feel” in mixing
(in case you need some depth):

start the video at 9:20.

so what’s the story with heavy keyboard feel in pop music?
there is an issue with the low frequencies of the piano that pop music just avoids. what is this thing? (Why kick and bass are more important?)

i was always attracted to pop music based on piano and drums, but i can’t help noticing that most piano roles are always something either bluesy or just based on classical chord progression.
You never get an expressive piano role which is not restrained by these two genres. i find it very boring. I think it created the Prog-Rock and killed the kick-ass keyboard playing in pop forever.

Another thing about this last part of shine on you crazy diamond:
If you leave aside the melodramatic chord progression and focus on the tempo and time signature of this part –
A slow tempo of 6/8 is just something that communicates naturally with keyboard players.
But it would sound so much better in a stoner doom metal way, if the sound engineer would just boost the drive of the piano instead of cutting it’s sustain and low frequencies.

Beefheart showed another way in Kandy Korn (around 5:40) – it’s a very tiny example.



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