A Love Song – for ensemble


A punk piece for a classical ensemble consists of voice, flute/recorder, saxophone (any)/clarinet, trombone/bass clarinet, violin/viola, cello/double, and piano.

Composed and premiered by a dedicatedly formed ensemble in 2007, recorded 2013 in The Hague. 

Notable performances by Talea Ensemble (MATA 2014), Chicago Civic Orchestra (2015), Tetttix Ensemble (Greece 2019)

Program Note: 

This piece is about… male feminism; Being in love with being in love; Being afraid of being obsessed; Feeling good about feeling bad; Feeling bad about feeling good; 

In this piece the sincere male obsession is presented by misogyny mixed with self involvement and pity. The devotion itself is kept as the winning force over ridiculousness. But devotion to what? 

This piece is also about… The classical music world; The pop music world; How we got used to recorded music simulating energetic performance; The timbre of acoustic instruments played wildly in relation to electronic music… In relation to more wildly performed music.. Punk.. Metal… industrial…etc..