Signals for Immediate Music


“Performance that is both jubilant and self reflective”

“Bringing musicians and audiences together by encouraging sounds to be performed as intentions”

“Ofir incorporates even the distracting parts of the audience into the music, making it more of a collective experience”

Ofir Klemperer is an Israel-born, Atlanta-based composer, improviser, singer/songwriter, and producer.

While receiving his Bachelor and Masters degrees in music composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the Netherlands, Klemperer specialized in Orchestral Improvisation Conduction. Since relocating to the US in 2014, Klemperer has lead numerous improv workshops of ensembles and choirs ranging in age and music level from beginners to professionals. In these workshops, participants learn a variety of hand signals which Klemperer delivers as conductor. The signals indicate a variety of musical aspects such as a change in pitch, length, and velocity, in addition to more abstract signals such as repetition, imitation, and drastic change. Learning the signals, participants are encouraged to experiment with individual ways of interpretation through playing and singing.

With Signals For Immediate Music, Klemperer will work with both emerging and established musicians from the region to expand on past performances for his largest ensemble piece yet. With the musicians on stage, Klemperer will guide the audience through their own vocal improvisation practices, providing an understanding of the methods and, importantly, an invitation to participate. Following the training, Klemperer will then lead the musicians and audience on an incredible improvised collaboration, crafting a conducted uproar to unite all in the room on a sonic journey to destinations unknown.

Duration: 60 minutes


Workshop for Ensembles and Choirs

The goal – to expand the musical conception and communication abilities of musicians through experiential training.
The workshop is to be set as a single and up to four sessions, and is meant for a large ensemble/choir (10 people or more) in any age and musical level from beginners to professionals. The participants sing or play the instrument they specialize in.
In the workshop the participants will learn a wide range of hand signals or “signs”, which Ofir will teach and deliver as a conductor. The participants not only will learn the signs, but  also experiment with individual ways of interpreting them through playing or singing, and will reflect on new ideas that emerge in real time playing. Through the experimentation, more signs will be introduced.
The musicians will explore their own creativity through guided improvisation, with an option to practice the conduction aspect as well. Through the workshop, the musicians will develop their intuition, learn to listen in a deep manner, and practice responding in a musical and compassionate way to others.

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Video examples:
1. Adults signing:

2. Children playing:

3. Musicians playing: