The Rural Realm – for large ensemble

The Rural Realm (2017) 

For flute and piccolo (1), clarinet and bass clarinet (1), bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin1, violin2, viola, cello, double bass, live electronics (not tape)

Notable performances by Ilan Volkov and Israel Contemporary Players (2017 premier), and by Ilan Volkov and Klangforum Wien (Musikprotokoll 2019).

Program notes:

When we say “The Rural Realm” our mouth gets filled, and we feel silly. This is the current situation in the United States.
How does it feel in other places? 

The piece consists of very brief movements, like clips in Instagram or a video game, that illustrate current pastoral pictures. 

Each movement is led by a different instrument of the ensemble. New music to play around the fire. 

Where did the intellect disappear?
Did it really disappear?
Is it really necessary?
Does our technologic advancement really manifest a mental one? 

Movement Names:

1. Driving Towards the Mountains

2. Hiking the Steep Curvy Trail

3. Scenic View

4. Wealthy People Enjoy Nature with Boats and Planes

5. Hearing Private Conversations in a Crowded Local Brewery

6. Crossing Highways by Foot

7. A Visit to the Great History Museum

8. Up the Stairs to Enjoy Civilization as a System

9. Being IN the World, or Being OF the World

10. Sitting at Home and Thinking About Changing My Life

11. Mentally Preparing to a World War