DaDaWake – modern classical music for infants and their parents

My new piece DaDaWake is modern classical music for infants and their parents.

This piece deals with communication in its basic level,
the way babies respond to bird songs, and connect to white noise.
The piece speaks and enriches this type of language.

The style is quiet modern music. The length is about 45 minutes.

It is meant for parents,
and it is organized in a way that allows babies to focus on the sound or fall asleep.
It consists of soothing melodies and harmonies,
and it maintains a sort of light humor and emotionality.
A sort of lullaby in slow motion, combined with nature sounds.

I am searching venues to perform the piece with my ensemble
as early as mid-September 2022.

In 2020,
as a new parent who went into lockdown with my newly born baby,
and as a musician in a foreign country,
I found that the only thing that could answer my growing basic social need
was a judgement-free forum, that is away from spoken communication.

Musicians, and infants, provide that kind of interaction 🙂

One of my main goals with this piece is to create an ongoing forum,
and a reason for new parents to get out of the house with their babies
and enjoy a concert.

Please contact me at ofirklemperer[@] for booking


*photo by Katherine Cunningham

The content of DaDaWake recorded composition –
Music for new parents and a help for your baby to fall asleep. 

I composed this piece in 2020 during lockdown when my daughter was several months old. 
I was trying to understand what was making her tick,
and what was making her sleep, and what was keeping her asleep,
and how far could I take my sounds with her. 

I recorded one takes played on a programmed Yamaha S30 synth. 

Later, I workshopped this composition with Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra.
Here is a small visual glimpse of one movement: 


Here is the full performance of Atlanta Improvisers Orchestra from August 21 2022.